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Night-time in Flims

What would your holiday be like without the chance to raise a glass to an eventful day? We have a large number of bars where you can sit with your friends and relax the night away. And if you're not too tired later and don't want the night to end, you can check out our wide range of clubs.

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ALPEAN Coworking Bar

Via Uletsch 8, 7031 Laax
Tel: +41 (0)81 5014050
Reservation: online / by Phone
opening hours:
Mon-Sun.: 07:00 - 22:00


This coffee bar offers a meeting place for digital nomads and local entrepreneurs. The Open Space area with ergonomic workplaces is the place for your daily business work. The Creative Cloud (multifunction room up to 14 pers.) offers a inspiring surrounding for creativity. You can find printers and plotter as well a strong Wi-Fi. ALPEAN coworking members* can enter 24/7.


*More information on or by a private tour.


Via Prau da Monis 2, 7017 Flims
Tel: +41(0)81 911 24 00
opening hours:
Mon-Thu.: 16:30 - 23:59
Fri-Sat.: 16:30 - 23:59 und 00:01 - 02:00
Sun.: 16:30 - 23:59 und 00:00 - 00:00


Where locals and visitors meet and pay homage to the bar’s motto, borrowed from Tom Waits: “I always take the long way home”.


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Hotel Laaxerhof, Via Murschetg 35, 7032
Tel: +41 (0)81 920 82 00
opening hours:
Mon-Sun.: 15:00 - 23:59


From the slopes to the bar - here a fun ending of the day is guaranteed. Enjoy the evening with a dance or in a cozy round with friends and family. From Christmas to mid-March daily live music!


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Via Murschetg, 7032 Laax
Tel: +41 (0)81 927 90 26
Reservation: by Phone
opening hours:
Mon-Sun.: 12:00 - 23:59


The Camino Bar offers a relaxed atmosphere with a real feel-good character and a top-quality selection of drinks.


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rocksresort, 7032 Laax Murschetg
Tel: +41(0)81 927 9588
opening hours:
Mon-Fri.: 15:00 - 23:59
Sat-Sun.: 14:00 - 23:59


Hi, Il Pub is there for you every day with our special Beers from all over the World, try our yummi "Ischnusa" from Sardinia or the fine "Sagres" from Portugal. Music and Footballtableevents will wait for you.


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Le Bar 1903

Rudi Dadens 1, 7018 Flims Waldhaus
Tel: +41 (0)81 928 10 10
opening hours:
Mon-Sun.: 14:00 - 23:00


The place to hold a conversation with friends while our bar chef Valentin Käfer is pleased to surprise you with his excellent own drink creations.


7017 Flims
Tel: +41(0)81 927 99 75
opening hours:
Mon.: 08:30 - 19:00
Tue.: 08:30 - 22:30
Wed.: 08:30 - 19:00
Thu.: 08:30 - 22:30
Fri.: 08:30 - 19:00
Sat.: 08:30 - 22:30
Sun.: 08:30 - 19:00


Daily open from 8:30 o'clock.


Legna Bar, as its name suggests, is built and decorated with wood. The best après-ski parties with great music and live DJs. Right next to Flims base station with big sun terrasse.


To the restaurant
rocksresort, 7032 Laax Murschetg
Tel: +41(0)81 927 9945
Reservation: by Phone
opening hours:
Mon-Thu.: 11:00 - 21:30
Fri-Sat.: 11:00 - 23:59
Sun.: 11:00 - 21:30


We are open


Offering top-class cocktails, this stylish lounge is the perfect place to relax and round off an exciting day in the mountains.


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«Chadafö Bar»

Im Pavillon des Waldhaus Flims Alpine Grand Hotel & Spa, 7018 Flims Waldhaus
Tel: +41 (0)81 928 48 48
Reservation: by Phone
opening hours:
Mon-Sun.: 12:00 - 23:00


A bar redolent of pure elegance, with a refined atmosphere, live music, a Davidoff cigar lounge and exquisite cocktails, that our bartender mixes using original recipes from 1800 to 1930.


Waldhaus Flims Apline Grand Hotel & Spa, 7018 Flims Waldhaus
Tel: +41 (0)81 928 48 48
Reservation: by Phone
opening hours:
Mon-Sat.: 17:00 - 23:00


After skiing in winter and hiking in summer, this is a place for cosy soireés to make the evening last just that little bit longer. With nibbles, well-mixed cocktails, and the day's best stories. Listen to trendy music at the blazing fireplace and celebrate the exclusive Alpenchic ambience.


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