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Kulinarische Wanderung und Kulinarik Trail Flims.

Kulinarische Wanderung und Kulinarik Trail Flims.

Kulinarische Wanderung und Kulinarik Trail Flims.

Kulinarische Wanderung und Kulinarik Trail Flims.

Kulinarische Wanderung und Kulinarik Trail Flims.

Kulinarische Wanderung und Kulinarik Trail Flims.

Kulinarische Wanderung und Kulinarik Trail Flims.

Kulinarische Wanderung und Kulinarik Trail Flims.

Culinary trails

Hiking from course to course

Does the term ‘culinary hike’ make your mouth water? Enjoy hiking, but always have room for a little indulgence on the side? If you like to keep your bag as light as possible while hiking through our beautiful forests or mountains, then our Wood & Water and Mountain & Views culinary trails are perfect for you. On these trails, you will hike from restaurant to restaurant, where you will be rewarded with local culinary delights after each stage. On our culinary trails, we combine indulgence, activity and nature to create an unforgettable experience.

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Wood & Water

One trail – three venues. On our Wood & Water culinary trail, you will get to know both the culinary attractions and natural attractions of our region. You start off in Flims Waldhaus, where you can savour your first course in the brewery cellar of the Aktienbrauerei. Then you make your way past Lake Cauma and along the Rhine gorge to Conn, where you can tuck into your main course. After a short detour to the Il Spir viewing platform, you will stop for dessert at the restaurant on Lake Cresta before returning to Flims via the impressive Felsbach gorge.


11.15 a.m.


Starter at the brewery cellar of the Aktienbrauerei in Flims Waldhaus

Weisswurst with a pretzel or green salad with strips of Alpine cheese served in a beer dressing, with a drink

2.30 p.m.


Main course at Restaurant Conn

Homemade Trins pear ravioli or, depending on the season, wild garlic ravioli or Conn potato ravioli

4.30 p.m.


Dessert at Gasthaus Crestasee

Homemade fruit flan, cheese platter or ice cream of your choice (from our ice cream menu)







12 km



Hiking time 3.5 hours, total duration 6 hours



Flims Waldhaus–Lake Cauma–Muota–Conn–Lake Cresta–Felsbach gorge–Flims Waldhaus

Starting time:


11.15 a.m., recommended



Per adult CHF 49 (excl. drinks)



Please use the public parking spaces at Lake Cresta/Schlössli car park

Mountain & Views

Wonderful views before your eyes and on your table. Our ‘Mountain & Views’ culinary trail along the panoramic hiking trail is based on the idea of this mix. You will start off with an appetiser at Hotel La Siala in Falera, followed by your first starter at Tegia Larnags. You will then cross meadows and continue upwards to Runcahöhe, where you will tuck into your second starter. After another climb, you will be ready for your main course at Startgels mountain restaurant. The panoramic trail then follows a gentle descent down to Foppa mountain restaurant, where you will enjoy dessert.


9.15 a.m.


Appetiser at Hotel La Siala in Falera:

Coffee and cake

10.45 a.m.


First starter at Tegia Larnags:

Tomato salad with mozzarella or melon with slices of Graubünden dry-cured ham

1.30 p.m.


Second starter at Runcahöhe mountain restaurant:

Graubünden barley soup or spinach pizokel dumplings

3 p.m.


Main course at Startgels mountain restaurant:

Veal paillard or rack of lamb from the charcoal grill with polenta cooked on an open fire and fresh market vegetables or roast new potatoes

5 p.m.


Dessert at Foppa mountain restaurant:

Coffee with fruit flan




16.06. – 01.10.2017



Falera–Larnags approx. 4 km (1 hr 40 mins)

Larnags–Runcahöhe approx. 5.2 km (1 hr 30 mins)

Runcahöhe–Startgels approx. 3 km (1 hr 30 mins)

Startgels–Foppa approx. 1.5 km (30 mins)

Foppa–Fidaz approx. 4.4 km (1 hr 10 mins)



Hiking time 6 hours, total duration 8 hours



Falera–panoramic trail–Larnags–Runcahöhe–Trutg dil Flem–Startgels–Foppa–Spalegna–panoramic trail to Fidaz (optional: chairlift to Flims)

Starting time:


9.15 a.m., recommended



CHF 79 per adult (excl. drinks)



Reservations are recommended for groups of five people or more.

Flims reservation:
Tel.: +41 81 927 77 77

Guest information:
Tel.: +41 81 920 92 00 

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