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Martinsloch - more than just an opening in the rock

The Martinsloch at an altitude of 2,600 metres above sea level in the midst of the Tschingelhörner in Flims is perhaps the most famous rock opening in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tectonic Arena Sardona. The 22-metre-high, 19-metre-wide, triangular-shaped opening has become famous due to a unique event. Each year, on 12 and 13 March and again on 30 September and 1 October, just before sunrise, the sun bursts through the Martinsloch opening and lands directly on the church in the village of Elm, located just behind the mountain. The spectacle lasts just a few minutes, before the sun disappears behind the Tschingelhörner and then rises.

Approach to the Martinsloch

Only very experienced hikers should attempt the approach to the Martinsloch. From Flims, take the panoramic trail from Naraus to the Segneshütte. From here, cross the impressive landscape of the lower Segnesboden, keeping the Tschingelhörner in sight. You will be able to see the Martinsloch after completing the first climb from the lower Segnesboden to another elevated plain. From this rocky elevated plain, you can now make your way to the Martinsloch which is directly in front of you.

The route (T5 level Flims side) will take you up to the Martinsloch along an unmarked path through a steep scree. The path is at risk of falling rocks and should only be attempted with the appropriate equipment. From the Martinsloch, you can enjoy marvellous views of the surrounding peaks. You can now descend directly to Elm or turn around and make a stop for a delicious Kaiserschmarrn snack at the Mountain Lodge at the Segnespass, located just a few hundred metres to the right of the Martinsloch.

The legend of the Martinsloch

There are many legends relating to the origins of the famous rock formation. The best-known one, however, is the legend of the shepherd Martin, who tended to his animals on the Elm side of the mountain. One day, a giant from Flims attacked his flock and tried to steal some of his sheep. However, Martin defended his animals valiantly and the giant fled. Martin hurled his staff after the giant, but it missed the giant and struck the Tschingelhörner. A mighty roar and clatter rang out, and a vast sea of rocks crashed down to the valley. Once the dust had settled and calm was restored, a triangular-shaped hole was visible in the rock face, henceforth to be known as the Martinsloch.


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Segneshütte mountain lodge

The Segneshütte mountain lodge is situated in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Tectonic Arena Sardona’. At an altitude of 2,100 metres, it was built beneath the lower Segnesboden and is today one of the oldest mountain lodges in the region. The Segneshütte is a well-known meeting point for hikers and bikers setting off on their tours. Those who work up an appetite can savour some homemade local specialities, while sun lovers can fuel up on vitamin D on the spacious terrace. If you’re planning a multi-day tour, you can also stay overnight in the Segneshütte. 

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Combi-ticket Naraus–Alp Nagens

Combi-ticket Naraus–Alp Nagens**

  • Adults CHF 30.00
  • Seniors CHF 30.00
  • Youths CHF 20.00
  • Children CHF 10.00

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  • Adults CHF 25.00
  • Seniors CHF 25.00
  • Youths CHF 17.00
  • Children CHF 8.00

** One-way trip by Nagens shuttle and Flims–Foppa–Naraus chairlift or Flims–Foppa–Grauberg gondola lift.

Bergsport Schule grischa

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Segnespass mountain lodge

In the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Tectonic Arena Sardona’, in addition to the Segneshütte, you will also find the Segnespass mountain lodge located on the 2,600-metre-high Segnespass. It is the perfect place to recover from the exertions of the day after a hike to Piz Segnes or a multi-day tour around the Tschingelhörner. The lodge has a bedroom with two sleeping areas for a total of 12 people. From the cosy lounge with large panoramic window, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the mountain backdrop.

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Mountain sports school Alpine Action Unlimited

The Swiss mountain sports school Alpine Action Unlimited have passion for nature. Let yourself be guided by the patented mountain guides in the training courses, tours and travels to the most rewarding mountain destinations in the region and experience the enthusiasm for the mountain yourself.

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Martinsmad mountain lodge

The Martinsmadhütte mountain lodge is situated in wild countryside on the Glarus side above Elm. The typical SAC (Swiss Alpine Club) lodge is nestled between the Zwölfihörner and the Laaxer Stöckli on the northern descent of the Vorab Glacier and can accommodate 44 people. From the lodge, you can set off on a range of beautiful alpine tours, hikes and ‘plaisir’ climbing tours. Climbing fans will love the climbing garden located close to the lodge.

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