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Umweltschonend Wandern auf dem Gletscher in Laax.
Recycling in Laax.
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In Flims Laax Falera, we have set ourselves the goal of trying to leave the world in a better condition than how we found it. In every action we take to ensure that your holiday is as eventful as possible, we therefore always show respect for nature and do everything we can to treat our world in the right way.

Erhalt und Schutz der Natur in Laax.

Greenstyle foundation

The Greenstyle foundation is a non-profit organisation - in cooperation with the Weisse Arena Group and dedicated people and businesses from the holiday destination in the Flims, Laax and Falera region. It is dedicated to preserving and developing our environment.

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Protected areas

Although our main focus is on activities, respecting nature is extremely important to us. Our region is not just a popular destination, but is also home to rare plants and endangered animal species in need of special protection. We rely on your support to ensure that this remains the case in the future.

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Weisse Arena Gruppe

CO2-neutrale Wasserkraft in Laax.


100 percent renewable energy and maximum energy efficiency – we look for ways to make our entire energy consumption and production CO2-neutral. At the same time, we are constantly striving to reduce our energy consumption. We don't just want to talk about climate change. We want to stop it.

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Recycling in Laax.

Zero Waste - Recycling

Our principle is to reduce, recycle and reuse. After all, not everything will last forever. The volume of waste per head has almost tripled since the 1970s, and now lies at over 700 kg per person each year. It is our goal to reduce this enormous level of waste.

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Energieverbrauch in Laax.

Maximum energy efficiency

We are currently in the process of sustainably reducing our energy consumption. As a major consumer, we are committed to reducing CO2 emissions by 2020 together with our hotels and restaurants. However, we aim to go further than this and fully relinquish the use of all fossil fuels. We believe that wherever we use energy, it can be done far more efficiently than ever before – in offices, lighting systems, IT and entertainment technology, building services, cable cars, artificial snow production and much more.

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Schutz der Tier und Pfalnzenwelt in Laax.

Flora and fauna

Our plant and animal worlds are particularly important to us. Rare plants, animals and special landscapes need to be protected to ensure that there is no damage to their biodiversity. We therefore place considerable focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism which always shows respect for nature.

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E-Ladestationen in Laax.


100 per cent renewable transport – part of our vision is to integrate renewable energies in our daily mobility. A successful energy transition should cover all aspects of energy generation and energy consumption.

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E-Ladestationen in Laax.

Water, Food and Purchasing

We use a range of natural sources and we also see it as our responsibility to work with ecolabels and seasonal products, particularly in relation to food. In addition, we focus on compliance with ethical and sustainable issues with regard to the clothing of our employees.

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«The time to act on climate change is now - because who wants to ride slush in February»
 Nicolas Müller

Unterstützung von umweltfreundlichen Projekten.


We all love winter and we need snow. However, in recent years, one thing has become apparent. The snow also needs us. Winters are becoming warmer, and seasons are getting shorter. If we want to continue enjoying unforgettable powder-filled days, we need to do something to counteract climate change, and we need to do this right away. From experienced Olympians to beginners, from snow park pros to freeriders – with the I AM PRO SNOW initiative, everybody supports real climate solutions together. We all want to be able to enjoy perfectly groomed slopes, fresh powder and making the first lines in the snow on our mountains in the future.

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Engagement für die Umwelt in Laax.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that those who do good things should talk about them. We want to further spread the spirit of Greenstyle and inspire as many people as possible to participate in this revolution. Like for example during winter 2015/2016 when the 30-year-old La Siala cable car was replaced by a 10-seater gondola lift and we sold off the old seats for CHF 100 each. We donated the entire proceeds to the "Energie ohne Grenzen" (Energy without borders) aid organisation which helps earthquake victims in Nepal. As we are constantly trying to improve, we are always open to receiving suggestions, ideas and critical feedback. Simply share your opinion with us.

Natural parc Beverin

Rangers in action

The Rhine gorge is one of the most diverse landscapes in the Alps and is a valuable habitat for rare animal and plant species. The gore attracts visitors every year thanks to its versatility, the hiking route, the bike routes, the water sports and the beautiful resting places. It is an experience for the visitors, but also the different animal and plant species their habitat grant. Therefore will two rangers be in action the first time in summer 2017.


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Flims Electric

Sinfonia d'aua

Sinfonia d’aua is a technical, cultural project from Flims Electric AG in collaboration with the town of Flims and Weisse Arena AG. It highlights the issue of water for people from various different angles. Where does drinking water come from and what is the connection between snowmaking and energy generation based on environmentally friendly hydropower? How was the issue of indirect water supply of Lake Cauma resolved?

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