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Flims – a true natural treasure

Impressive, thrilling and diverse. In Flims, a world of extraordinary natural experiences awaits you.

Flims landslide

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Rhine gorge

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Bargis Mountain Valley

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World heritage Sardona

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Nature Park Beverin - Home of the Capricorn

Nature Park Beverin

Four valleys, two cultures, one park – renowned for its deep ravines, well-maintained mountain villages, distinctive churches, crystal-clear mountain lakes and the majestic Alpine ibex, also known as the ‘Capricorn’. These kings of the Alps live proudly around Piz Beverin (at 2,998 metres above sea level between Thusis and Safiental), watching over the wild, unique landscape of the large nature park. Beverin Nature Park covers 412 square kilometres with an altitudinal range of 600 to 3,200 metres above sea level. It stretches as far as the Rhine gorge in the north.

Tasks and goals

The tasks and objectives of Beverin Nature Park include sustainable economic and social development, with the active development, promotion and communication of culture and business in the region. Over half of the area of the park is subject to landscape protection. Various types of habitats, such as dry meadows, moors, hedgerows and special forest communities, are also protected at the national and canton level.


Beverin Nature Park Office
Center da Capricorns

7433 Wergenstein
Tel.: +41 (0)81 6507 010


In Flims, we have set ourselves the goal of trying to leave the world in a better condition than how we found it. As a result, in all of our endeavours to make your holiday as eventful as possible, we always show respect for nature and do everything we can to treat our world in the right way. Learn more about our Greenstyle initiatives here.

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